Table 1

Parameters for the benchmark bicycle shown in figure 1 and described in the text. (The values given are exact (no round-off). The inertia components and angles are such that the principal inertias (eigenvalues of the inertia matrix) are also exactly described with only a few digits. The tangents of the angles that the inertia eigenvectors make with the global reference axes are rational fractions.)

parametersymbolvalue for benchmark
wheel basew1.02 m
trailc0.08 m
steer axis tilt (π/2−head angle)λπ/10 rad (90°–72°)
gravityg9.81 N kg−1
forward speedvvarious m s−1 (table 2)
Rear wheel R
radiusrR0.3 m
massmR2 kg
mass moments of inertia(IRxx, IRyy)(0.0603, 0.12) kg m2
rear Body and frame assembly B
position centre of mass(xB, zB)(0.3, −0.9) m
massmB85 kg
mass moments of inertiaEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image kg m2
front Handlebar and fork assembly H
position centre of mass(xH, zH)(0.9, −0.7) m
massmH4 kg
mass moments of inertiaEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image kg m2
Front wheel F
radiusrF0.35 m
massmF3 kg
mass moments of inertia(IFxx, IFyy)(0.1405, 0.28) kg m2